What To Expect When You Need Local Towing Services


Many times towing services are necessary when a car breaks down and needs to go to the shop for repair. Local towing companies offer this service, but there are other times towing is essential as well. Understanding how towing works and when to use it can help you know what to expect when you call them.  

Break Downs

The majority of towing service calls are for accidents and breakdowns on the road, and many companies offer towing 24/7 for emergencies. However, emergency towing comes at a premium price, so if you break down in the middle of the night or on a weekend or holiday, you should expect to pay more for the service. 

It is also essential to remember that emergency towing during nonbusiness hours can mean a longer wait. The driver may be on call during these hours, so they must get the call from the dispatcher, travel to the shop or yard to get the tow truck, and then respond to your location. 

The time spent waiting can sometimes be longer than you like, and if the driver is already on a call, that could make the wait longer. When you call the towing company, ask the dispatcher what the expected arrival time is, and they can give you some idea of the time you will spend waiting for service. 

If the car is not running, you should wait with the car, but if there is a delay that makes it unsafe to stay with the car, let the dispatcher know so they can inform the driver. Most tow companies will pick up the vehicle and tow it for you even if you can't wait with it, as long as you approve that in advance. 

Project Cars 

Working on a restoration or custom car build and moving the vehicle to a paint shop, sand blaster, or some other business can be challenging. However, using a towing company to haul the car or truck is often the best option. If the vehicle does not have a drivetrain, you may need a tow service with a flatbed to take it from your shop to the painter or sandblaster. 

When the work is done, and you are ready to bring the vehicle back to your shop, the towing company can return it for you. You will need to arrange these kinds of towing services in advance, and most towing companies will charge by the mile for them. 

However, if you don't have a trailer or the vehicle is too heavy or bulky to move any other way, working with towing services can make the process more efficient, and the cost is often worth it. 


27 February 2023

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