4 Common Towing Mistakes You Can Avoid By Hiring An Expert


You might need to tow a vehicle for varying reasons. For example, your engine could fail on a long road trip, or you may be dealing with an unresponsive battery and need to get back on the road. Whatever the case, it is advised that you tow a vehicle only if you understand the process comprehensively. This is because transporting a vehicle is quite complex, and mistakes can be costly to you and other road users. Check out the following mistakes you are likely to make if you fail to call for emergency towing expert help.

Failure to Have Specialized Equipment

You must have all the required equipment to conduct a successful towing operation. More importantly, knowing what your equipment does and being familiar with its operation is crucial to reducing risks. For example, failure to use the right size tow truck or trailer can affect weight distribution, leading to an accident. The same goes for axles, mounting brackets, flatbeds, and more. So, if you aren't conversant with the necessary equipment, hiring an emergency tow operator is your best option.

Towing Without the Right Skills and Knowledge

Towing requires extensive training and practice to protect yourself and other road users. You must also be an expert on maneuvering with all the extra weight and length of the vehicle you are moving. Given these circumstances, towing experts receive training in specific driving methods. For example, they have the skills to navigate turns of different kinds and apply different precautions when towing uphill or downhill. As such, a lack of proper training in using these methods can lead to accidents, injuries, and vehicle damage.

Violating Regulations

Keep in mind that towing comes with strict rules to safeguard other motorists. For example, you need to know your state's rules on applying safety chains or using taillights. In addition, some states may not allow you to transport a car on certain roads or residential areas. In many cases, disregarding such regulations or unknowingly breaking the state laws can land you in trouble and leave you with hefty fines.

Poor Loading

When towing a vehicle, you must be aware of proper positioning and how to secure your straps and chains. You should also understand weight restrictions because an error, however seemingly insignificant, can leave you with a loose vehicle. Moreover, you can damage both vehicles if you disregard the weight of the haul. Accordingly, you need the services of a reputable tow operator who understands proper loading and how to test the setup.

Towing is undoubtedly a multi-faceted task, and taking the correct measures goes a long way in ensuring success. For this reason, it is best to leave the job to professional emergency towing services to avoid losses due to fines, injury, or damage. For more information on emergency towing, contact a professional near you.


20 October 2022

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