Vehicles That Need Heavy Duty Towing


Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, some vehicles will have to be towed using heavy-duty while others can be hauled using light-duty tow trucks. This article will shed light on the vehicles that can only be transported using heavy-duty tow trucks. 


Buses require a lot of power to haul. Therefore, it's impossible to haul large buses using light-duty tow trucks. You have to use a tow truck with a great deal of horsepower. So, if you have a tour or school bus that needs towing, you'll have to enlist the services of a heavy-duty towing company. These companies have powerful trucks that can get the job done without any setbacks.


If you own a motorhome, you'll definitely want to have the contact of a heavy-duty towing company on speed dial. Your motorhome can break down unexpectedly while you are on your usual travels. And as you know, some motorhomes are too large to be hauled by light or medium-duty trucks. 

Therefore, you'll need to call a heavy truck towing service to tow you to the nearest garage. Besides, having your motorhome towed by a heavy-duty truck means it will safely arrive at its intended destination. At least heavy-duty towing companies have large enough wreckers to tow class-A motorhomes. 

Semi-Trucks and Trailers

Assuming you have a semi-truck or a tractor-trailer that needs to be transported, how would you get it done? Well, you don't have to fuss about that when you can hire a heavy truck towing company to do the job. They have strong trucks that can transport your trailer or semi-truck to any destination. 

So, if one of your semi-trailer trucks breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you can contact a heavy truck towing company to assist you. The company will send a well-equipped tow truck to haul your semi-trailer to a garage. Amazingly, most heavy-duty tow trucks have the capacity to tow loaded semi-trailers.

Extreme Vehicles

Most vehicles used in the construction, mining, and trash collection industry can be considered to be extreme vehicles. They are massive and weigh too much for medium-duty trucks to haul them. Some of these vehicles include dumper trucks, bobtails, garbage trucks, and big rigs. If any of these extreme vehicles break down, you'll have to rely on a heavy-duty towing company to transport them to the garage.

Heavy-duty towing vehicles are designed to handle the biggest jobs. Their sheer towing capacity enables them to haul motorhomes, semi-trailers, trash trucks, buses, and other massive vehicles.


7 September 2022

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