Having Your Broken Down Semi Trailer Truck Towed


A semi-trailer truck breaking down can be a very disruptive experience for the driver. While there are tow services that can specialize in moving these vehicles, there are many new drivers that may not take all of the precautions to prepare for this inevitable occurrence or they may not know how they should react once it occurs.

Have The Contact Information For A Local Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing Service

Due to the large size and immense weight of semi-trailer trucks, they will need to utilize specialized towing services to be moved. This can greatly limit the options available for having your truck towed, and this makes it useful to keep the contact information for a heavy-duty tow service in your truck's cabin at all times. In the event that your truck suffers a breakdown, you will know the number to call so that your vehicle can be towed in a reasonable amount of time and for a reasonable rate.

Detach The Trailer From The Vehicle

Generally, the trailer that is attached to the truck will need to be removed in order for this vehicle to be towed. If it is safe, you may want to begin the process of detaching the trailer before the tow service arrives. This will reduce the amount of work that is needed to load the truck onto the tow vehicle, which can help to get your vehicle moved a little faster. This trailer will need to be retrieved as quickly as possible to keep the contents safe and to avoid potential fines for abandoning a vehicle along a public road. For those working for shipping companies, there should be policies in place for reporting the breakdown and arranging for the trailer to be collected. However, if you are an independent driver, it will be up to you to make the necessary arrangements for retrieving or moving the trailer.

Deploy Road Flares And Warning Cones

Breaking down along the side of the road can be one of the most dangerous areas to find yourself. To reduce the risk of a collision occurring, it is important to make the broken down vehicle as noticeable as possible to passing vehicles. The use of roadside flares and warning cones can help to alert drivers as they are approaching the truck that there is a problem so that they can be more aware as they are passing the truck. This simple step can dramatically reduce the risk of an accident occurring and help protect the driver from liability issues if an accident does occur.

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1 November 2021

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