Three Pieces Of Information You Should Always Share With A Towing Company


If your car needs to be towed, you may think that the only thing you need to do is call a tow company and have them show up. However, the more information you can provide to a tow company, the better suited they will be to help you, and the more accurate the estimate that they provide you over the phone will be. Here are four scenarios that you should always talk over with a towing operator before the tow truck driver is dispatched to your location. 

If the Car Won't Start

When you go to turn the key in your car, you expect it to start up. If it doesn't and you are sure the car does not have a dead battery, you may need to tow the car to a repair shop. If your car will not start, you should let a tow truck driver know this before you call to dispatch a tow. If they are towing your car on a flatbed, they may need a winch to pull the car up onto the flatbed. This can take more time and be a bit more laborious. 

If the Car Has a Flat Tire

If your car has one or more flat tires, and you need the car towed, you should let the dispatcher know. Ideally, cars with flat tires should be towed on a flatbed tow truck. If one is not available and a hook tow truck is available, a tow dolly may be needed to ensure the car stays stable while it is being towed. 

If the Car is Stuck or Trapped

If your car is stuck in a ditch or stuck in a mud puddle, be sure to let the tow truck dispatcher know. There are different types of tools that may be used to help pull your car out of the situation you are in. Providing a tow truck driver with this information ensures the driver can bring along the right tools or devices to help free your car. 

Letting your tow truck driver know that the vehicle will not start, that the car has a flat tire, or that the car is stuck or trapped helps them arrive at the location prepared to best serve you. Always let a tow truck driver know about these scenarios to ensure that they can handle the situation and that they have the tools or devices on hand to help you out. They handle towing cars for a job, but you can help them.


31 August 2021

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