Freeing Your Vehicle From A Mud-Slicked Area


If you find yourself stuck in a muddy area when driving, steps will need to be taken in freeing your vehicle from the muck. Mud can be tricky to escape without knowing the proper tactics in gaining traction. Here are some tips to use when trying to remove your vehicle from a muddy spot.

Check Your Surroundings For Items To Help 

If the spot you get stuck in is a remote area, it may take a while to get a tow truck to come to your aid. Before giving a call, try using items around you to help gain traction so you can free the vehicle from the mud. Gather several sticks, stones, leaves, and clumps of grass to put in the fronts of each of your tires. This will give your tires a dry area to grasp when you push your gas pedal.

You can also try using items inside your vehicle if there are no natural items in the area. Pieces of cardboard, paper or plastic bags, magazines or maps, and even your floor mats can be used to help get your car to drier ground.

Rock Your Vehicle Back And Forth To Gain Traction

If you continue to press your gas pedal in an attempt to get out of a mud slick, the spinning wheels will continue to push away mud, but will also make the vehicle sink lower into the area. It is best to try rocking your vehicle back and forth while alternating between drive and reverse. Push your body toward the steering wheel as you press on the gas. Quickly lean your body back into your seat as you shift to reverse. Doing this several times can help push your vehicle through the muddy area.

Call For Assistance In Removing Your Vehicle

If you know of a friend with a chain and trailer hitch, they may be able to pull your vehicle out of the mud. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to locate someone to help if you are not in a local area. In this case, a call to a towing service is best. They will come to the area with the proper tools needed to safely pull the vehicle from its trap. You will then be able to get back on the roadway toward your destination. If your vehicle had sustained damage making it difficult to drive as a result, the towing company can bring you to a repair shop to have the vehicle assessed.


6 June 2016

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