Three Types Of Specialized Tow Trucks That Manage Heavy Duty Towing


Heavy duty towing often involves some very special equipment. In particular, the trucks involved are unique to the towing industry. If you own and operate a towing business, like Express Tow & Recovery, and would like to expand your business to include these specialized tows, here are three specialized tow "trucks" that you will need.

Aviation Towing: Pushback Tractors

Usually, airports have their own pushback tractors for plane towing. However, the pushback tractors can break down and on a particularly busy day for major airports, that is a recipe for numerous delays (unless they can find towing services outside their grounds). Here is where it would be most profitable to have one or two pushback tractors in your towing fleet. These specialized tow trucks help planes move away from the departure gates. The pushback tractors also help move planes into inspection and repair hangars when it is not feasible or sensible to turn on the planes' engines and drive them into the hangars.

Aquatic Towing: Tug Boats

If you own and operate a towing business along a coastline, then maybe you would like to expand your business into aquatic towing as well. Tug boats are responsible for bringing in unmanned ships found at sea, or yachts that are dead in the water and the owners are stranded. Tug boat owners may also find work helping the Coast Guards rescue people and bring in their boats or wreckage of their boats. Some of your biggest customers, and therefore your biggest boat tows, may be cruise ships. More than one tug boat is needed to pull in these massive cruise ships, and with the wave of recent stranded vessels of this size, you may find that you have as much work towing at sea as you do on land.

Military Tows and Transports: Flatbeds Made for Tanks

If you decide that you just want to stick to land-only vehicles but you still want to expand your towing services to include some type of heavy duty towing, why not try military towing and transport? Specialized flatbed trucks made for hauling tanks and extremely heavy military vehicles and weaponry all require some form of towing and/or transport. Again, this would be more of a side business or emergency provider service, since the military usually has its own tows and transports, but if your business is located very close to a military base, you may have more opportunities for this type of work.


7 March 2016

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