Flat Tire On The Highway: What To Do


Flat tires can happen anywhere, with one of the worst possibilities being a flat that occurs while you're driving on a busy highway. This can be a dangerous situation if you don't handle it responsibly. Here are some great tips for dealing with this potentially precarious circumstance.  


The first thing to do is make certain that you do not lose control of the vehicle. Grip the steering wheel firmly, so that you have as much control of the car as possible. Do not slam on the brakes, as this could simply make the situation worse. Release the gas pedal and let the car slow down on its own.  

Continue to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and work your way over to the right-hand lane. In some cases, this may involve multiple lane changes. Signal each lane change and watch your rear-view mirrors closely.   


After working the car over to the right-hand side of the highway, you will want to stop the vehicle safely. Never allow the vehicle to stop on the highway itself. The best option is to try and find an exit and make it to a surface road or parking lot, so you will be away from heavy traffic. Of course, this is not always possible. In many cases, you will need to pull off onto the shoulder. Once you are completely off the road, brake lightly until the car comes to a halt.  


Once the car has come to a halt, it's time to take certain safety measures. This is especially important of you've has to pull over to the shoulder. If you found a parking lot or other empty space well off the road, they are not always necessary, but you should still be watchful.  

First, turn on your emergency flashers. Then raise the hood of your vehicle. If you are on the shoulder, exit the vehicle on the passenger side and stand well away from the car. Do not attempt to change a flat when you are stopped on the shoulder. This is far too risky.  If you were fortunate enough to exit the highway and find a spot in a parking lot or far away from traffic, you can change the tire as you normally would, if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, or if you were forced to stop on the shoulder, call a 24-hour towing service.  

The main consideration when a flat tire occurs on a highway is safety. Follow these listed tips to stay safe.


28 January 2016

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