Learn How To Keep Your Parking Lot Clear Of Illegal Parkers


Owning a business takes a lot of hard work. When you have worked so hard to get your business going, you want to be sure that you make sure you accommodate your customers in every way that you can so that they keep coming back to your store again and again. Having ample parking space available to your customers is one way to increase the chances of business booming. It is important to hire a professional towing company to tow any vehicles from your lot that do not belong there to ensure that all of your actual customers have a place to park. The following guide walks you through the steps to take to have vehicles towed from your lot legally when needed.     

Sign a Contract with a Tow Company

You need to select one tow company to work with on a regular basis. You will be able to call the company at any time of day and have the cars towed within a matter of minutes from your lot as needed. You may not have to pay the company for their services though. The people who have their vehicles towed have to pay for towing and storage fees, which make up for any fees that you could be charged for their services.

Have Signs Posted Throughout the Lot

Once you have signed a contract with a towing company, have signs created that state that the parking lot is reserved for customers shopping in your store. Post that the cars will be towed immediately if they are in violation of the sign. The contact information for the towing company will also need to be included on the sign to ensure that the owners can contact the company directly. 

Install Video Surveillance in the Lot

Be sure that you install video surveillance in the lot in case someone claims that they were not parked in the lot illegally. This is important because there are some people who may try to take you to court to have you reimburse them for any fees they were charged for the tow. It will be your word against theirs and having proof of their illegal parking is important.

When you notice that a car is parked illegally in your lot, call to have it towed right away. You do not have to contact the owners of the vehicle before having the car towed because of the signs that are posted throughout the lot. When the owners come into your business looking for their car, you can refer them to the sign to gather all of the information they need to be able to find their car.  


16 September 2015

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