Stuck with a Dead Battery: Try a Jump Start


If you find yourself stuck in a parking lot or other location with a dead battery, it's possible that you can successfully resolve the situation with a jump start. This technique allows you to charge your battery with the use of special cables called jumper cables.Here is how to use this method to start your vehicle. 

Other Battery 

For this method to work, you will typically need the assistance of another driver. The technique requires you to connect your battery to a functioning car battery, such as one in another vehicle. Make sure, however, that the batteries of both cars have the same voltage. This is usually not a problem as most auto batteries have 12 volts. Also, ensure that both batteries are grounded on the negative terminal, which is generally the case with modern vehicles. 


To start the process, connect the positive terminals of the batteries, which should have a plus sign or a red cap on them, to each other with the positive clips of the jumper cables, which will be red. Then attach one negative clip of the cables to the negative terminal of the other car's battery, and the second negative clip to an unpainted metal area of your car that is not close to the battery. When the jumper cables are properly positioned, attempt to start your vehicle. If the car does not start, ask the other driver to run his vehicle for a few minutes and make another attempt. 

Safety Tips  

Make absolutely certain the two vehicles do not touch during the jump starting process, as this could cause a dangerous electrical short to occur. Also, do not smoke during the jump start and ensure that the other driver does not either. Another possible danger, which might occur if the weather is cold, is a frozen battery. Avoid any attempt to jump start a frozen battery, as doing so is unsafe.

Running the Battery 

If you are able to get your vehicle started, do not turn off the ignition for at least 15 minutes. Let the engine run for a while to make sure that the battery is fully charged. If the car will not restart after running for 15 minutes or more, then you may need to buy a new battery. 

When another driver is not around to help you, your best option is to call a towing service like Darryll's Towing. The tow truck driver will have experience in jump starting cars and will know how to do it safely and effectively.


14 July 2015

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